Energy efficiency measures, external audits, energy pool, services under the European Energy Efficiency Directives 2012/27/EU. Optimisation of domestic and industrial installations to increase efficiency and comparison to bench marks.

Thermal and energetic mass balances

heatpumps and stratification tank

Combined heat and power plants

Dynamic energy balances and simulations

Plant optimization

What you can expect from us

work is interdisciplinary and practice-oriented

Work in the fields of construction, machine, electrical engineering and automation is interdisciplinary and practice-oriented across all disciplines. Collaboration and exchange are crucial for successful projects.

efficiency instead of hectic

Efficiency is the key to success. Instead of falling into a hectic pace, we optimize processes to save time and resources. We take the time to streamline processes so that we can work faster and with less stress.

quick and flexible response 

Reacting quickly and competently to changes in the initial situation is a decisive success factor for our company. An agile way of working enables quick decisions and rapid implementation in the event of unforeseen developments.


years of support for customers and projects

The intensive and personal contact is very important to us. Therefore, we are very proud to support many of our customers even after many years.