LIFTAIR is a submerged air lift for mixing water or waste water.


Air/Gas is introduced at a point close to the bottom of the LIFTAIR inducing a fast-rising current passing through the conical pipe. The paraboloid intake and the internal guiding flaps cause a squirrel-type vertical flow. Intensive mixing is carried down to the floor clearing it from deposits.


- Precipitation and flocculation in drinking water systems

- oxic / anoxic selectors process SBR wastewater treatment plants

- Anoxic basins / anaerobic basins in conventional wastewater treatment plants

– Ex-Zonen

- Gas transfer and stripping

LIFTAIR can be supplied fixed to the floor or removable. Basins up to 7 m deep with an inner side wall distance of >1,000 mm can be mixed.

Liftair is registered for patent and utility model.

Stainless steel and high-quality epoxy FRP for up to 60 °C and pH ranges from 2 - 12. Quality grades available from 1.4301, 1.4404 to AISI 316L.