WWTP New Administrative Capital (NAC) in Egypt

The ambitious project for the new administrative capital in Egypt is in full swing. The completely new city for approx. 10 million inhabitants is located 80 km from the Nile River, but will still be supplied with water from there.

In addition to the administrative district, an airport, a 14-lane motorway and complete infrastructure, the first part of the sewage treatment plant is currently being built, which will treat about 2.5 million m3 of wastewater per day when completed. The current stage comprises 250,000 m3/d.

16 biological reactors are currently being built, covering an area of about 8 soccer fields. Subsequently, basins for water storage and recycling as well as a biogas plant for electricity production for self-sufficiency will be built.

NWT was participating in the planning consortium – commissioning of the first part of the plant is planned for 2023.